Safe Box

Office Safe Series

The Office Safe Series are ideal for retail outlets, offices, factories and other institution that hold large amount of cash and valuables. Which requires high degree of protections. Its formidable barrier materials and superior product quality provide excellent protection against fire, and attacks using oxyacetylene torch, high speed drilling and tools.


Designed to provide overall thickness of measuring 64mm. By using high density proofing material encased in steel to resist oxyacetylene and conventional tool attacks.


There are placed three boltworks on the front, top and bottom. A special design of resistance features to resist punch attacks on the moving bolts.


Armoured door with lockcase embedded in the door structure and reinforced with solid heavy duty hinges to prevent drilling, oxyacetylene and mechanical tools attacks. The door slab is 75mm in thickness.


Standard locking system with three wheel combination lock, which is capable of providing 1,000,000 combinations and seven lever keylocks. Deadlock device system is incorporated to jam on the boltwork mechanism if forcible attacks are made on the door and locks.

Home Safe Series

The models from this range are designed and recommended for homes. They offer a similar protection against fire and a wide range of sophisticated tools and techniques of attack. The features of this safe series are unique and blends into your home without compromising the quality to provide maximum security and protection on your valuables.

Model AP1 & AP2

These models are specially constructed and designed for homes.

There are 2 types of locking systems available:

AP1: Keyless combination systems

AP2: Key lock system only

Model Ap3

A stack up combination of model Ap1 and Ap2 which is known as the “Double Decker Safe”, are deisnged for spake saving which can be placed conveniently any corner of your premises. This ideal combination protection on your important documents and valuables.

Night Safe Series

The models come in 3 sizes. The design choices available are heavy duty & practical. Each has a combination lock, designed fore easy access in opening and locking. The Night Deposit safe caters specially for cash deposit after office hours or any time of the say. It has a slot at the top section for easy drop-in deposit.

Personal Safe Series

Fire Resistant Safe Series

Fire has always been a threat to everyone and almost everything. Business built up over generations, newly formed companies, major corporations and small firms have all suffered. To most, the loss of irreplaceable documentation may or will result in closure of business.


Designed to provide maximum security on fire and burglary. V-Ridge design is built to prolong the heat transition towards the internal sector of the safe and also to prevent smoke from getting through. The V-Ridge design also provides you an interlocking features to create a trougher situation or any conventional tool attack. Built with purpose specific design, the safe is further fortified with a special insulation material call Thermal Expanded Microfoam. It is a technology adapted from Japanese safe maker to provide you a better security against fire and burglary.


Comprises of a 1:1,000,000 3 wheels keyless combination lock along with a cylinder lock to increase the range of security and also to work along side with the bod structure to provide maximum security.


A separate drawer is included to increase the gap between the body and the drawer. It works by creating air buffer between the body and the drawer to prolong heat transition. As we all knowing air is weak in terms of heat conduction.


In this series we provide 6 sizes in single tone or two tone to choose from. The paint also provides you with a midor degree of protection against unintentional scratches or dents.

Banker Safe Series

The series is specially designed with the highest degree of protection against most sophisticated tools and techniques used in burglary today. It provides maximum protection for your valuables, important documents and especially cash from burglary and fire.

Full length reinforced vertical interlocking rebate securing the back ensuring the door remain locked in the even of hydraulic jack attack, explosive attack or the hinges are swanked off.


The main frame is constructed with an overall thickness measuring 102mm (4ins) reinforced with high density proofing material encased in steel. The body provides strong resistant from penetration attempt with oxyacetylene torch of high tech mechanical tools.


Full lenght vertical interlocking rebate encrusted with 160mm (6.3ins) thickness of high density fire proofing materials and a 60mm (2.4ins) thickness door slab secures lock tight position in the even of break-in attempt using hydraulic jack, explosive or sawing of the door hinges.


a 3-way moving rod 32mm (1.25ins) for the front, upper and lower section of the door. A 1,000,000 combination three-wheel locking system and additional high security 7-lever key.